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Designed by Desmond Dekker Jnr
My Inspiration to Create these T-shirts : 

I wanted to Commemorate my Father's Groundbreaking Achievement in Music History. My Father had Introduced 'Ska and Reggae Music to the World during the 1960s, especially in 1969 with his No. 1 Hit Song' Israelites. This No. 1 Hit Song has United us all together throughout. This particular song has brought immense joy to a vast range of people, in different Countries & Cultures worldwide.

I am incredibly Proud to have Created these T-shirts Designs for my Dad's Fans worldwide. 

Be a Part of Celebrating my Father's Amazing Groundbreaking Achievement in Music History...
Continue on to Celebrate
My Father's Ska and Reggae Music...

His Music Lives on...


Personalized Biography by Desmond Dekker Jnr

Desmond Adolphus Dacres - Born in Saint Andrew Parish Kingston Jamaica 16th July 1941. My Father lived with his Grandmother along with his Father in Kingston. His mother had passed away from a young age.


From a child he regularly attended the local church with his grandmother and aunt. This early religious upbringing built up a foundation to his musical capabilities - my Father enjoyed singing hymns along with joining in with the church religious music.

My Father had always been a religious man.

As he matured to adulthood he moved location to St Thomas. 

During his stay in St. Thomas, my Father embarked on an apprenticeship as a tailor before returning to Kingston - Back in Kingston he perused career in engineering welding. He loved to sing whist he is working. 

His singing had drawn the attention of several work colleagues, who encouraged him to try out an audition. 


Persuing his dream - In 1961 he attended an audition for Coxsone Dodd and Duke Reid. Unfortunately both auditions were unsuccessful. 

Dekker had an opportunity to audition for Leslie Kong's Beverley's record label - This opportunity had led my Father to his first recording contract.

From this Golden opportunity - my Father was well on his way to Huge Musical Success... Leading firmly to Super Stardom in Musical History....


I am Incredibly Proud to have Created these T-shirts Designs for my Dad's Fans worldwide

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